Study: "Anti-Obese Action of Raspberry Ketone"

Summary of the Clinical Study

After being mentioned on Dr. Oz, the sales of Raspberry Ketone have gone through the roof. This is in part due to the clinical study that was mentioned on his website. To be clear, Dr. Oz does not endorse any specific raspberry ketone product, but this study was mentioned on his website and can be used as a guideline.

Study used 100% Pure Raspberry KetoneRaspberry Ketones have been all over the media and in published studies. The most famous clinical study, published in the journal Life Sciences was named Anti-Obese Action of Raspberry Ketone and we will go over it here.

The History and Facts Behind the Clinical Study

This clinical study was developed to determine whether raspberry ketones could help with obesity and increase metabolism. Raspberry Ketone has a structure similar to the structures of capsaicin and synephrine which have been shown to cause fat breakdown. Scientists wanted to determine if raspberry ketones could also have a similar effect and whether it could prevent obesity and lipid metabolism in rodents.

In the study, researchers fed a group of mice a high-fat diet and were then given raspberry ketones in varying amounts and durations. For 6 weeks of the study, mice were fed a high fat diet to determine weight gain. And for the next 5 weeks they were fed the same high fat diet and in addition, raspberry ketones to determine its effects on obesity.

The Results of the Famous Clinical Study

After the full 11 week study it was determined that raspberry ketone prevents and improves obesity and fatty liver. Raspberry ketones did in fact stop the high-fat-diet-induced elevations in body weight and the weights of the liver and visceral adipose tissues.

Raspberry Ketone also decreased these weights and hepatic triacylglycerol content after they had been increased by a high-fat diet. Raspberry Ketone significantly increased norepinephrine induced lipolysis associated with the translocation of hormone-sensitive lipase.

In summary, it was determined that raspberry ketones can help with the breakdown or destruction of fats (increased lipolysis), decrease liver fat, speed up metabolism, and prevent an increase in body weight. The results revealed that the addition of raspberry ketones help reverse the weight gain induced by the high-fat diet and protect against the buildup of fat in the liver.

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